Are you looking for an exceptional writer and editor to help take your company’s copy up to the next level? 

I’m Abby Heugel, a Michigan-based writer and editor with more than 15 years of editorial experience, specializing in B2B/B2C, retail, ecommerce, small business management, marketing, health and wellness and copy editing, although I’ve written about everything from software and cybersecurity to travel and automotive. I take pride in crafting the information companies use to help potential clients and customers solve problems, all while developing trust in their brand.

My areas of expertise are content marketing writing in the form of:

  • branded content 
  • website copy
  • informative blog posts
  • magazine articles
  • newsletters
  • email copy/deliverables
  • basically anything else that you need

My goal is to use those words to influence people to invest — with their time, with their emotions, with their money — and to get them to take action. I’m assuming that’s your end goal as well, so it’s clear that this relationship is destined for success. 

But honestly, my true love — and what I am so lucky to do every day — is proofreading. You can read more about my current role here and on LinkedIn.

I pride myself on being witty, straightforward, and professional, all while adding in the personality that sets your copy apart from the millions of other words that inundate people every day. Deadlines are not suggestions, and grammatical errors make me twitchy.

More information about my professional credentials can be found here and my portfolio can be found here.  

If you’re interested in discussing how we can take your copy up to the next level, send me an email at